Meet Lorena


Lorena Lozano

Holistic Designer
& Branding Consultant

I am Lorena, a branding coach and advisor. It sounds amazing but I had to go through a lot to reach this point. 

Through many years of working, moving to another country, failing and learning, opening my own company... I developed strong skills that allow me coach my clients with a holistic mindset. 

My purpose is to generate emotional connections between people. Professionally, my vehicles for delivering these connections are brands. With a wide mindset, analytical approach, empathy and undying commitment I give my projects a unique personality by writing and telling their stories through my skills in design thinking, graphic design, art direction, photography, passion for music and art as well as extensive strategic branding experience.

From A to Z in the creation of brand identity, I apply my expertise acquired through several years leading design projects with clients, different brands and in my own  international branding studio “Estudio Tentación”. I have led and worked on projects in Mexico, Hawaii, mainland US, Australia and Spain.


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